Monday, March 14, 2011

Blogging 301 ~ Lesson #5: Monetizing a Blog with Personal Referral Programs

Another opportunity to earn from your blog is thru your personal referral links for programs you are a part of that offer bonuses for referrals.  You have the option of posting about them or adding their links or banners to your homepage.

Depending on how topic-specific your blog is it may be hard to fit in posts for them.  At Simply CVS I post
exclusively about saving money while shopping at CVS, so to fit these in I created an Off-Topic Saturday Series where I could share other money saving or money making opportunities with my readers.  Here are a few of my posts:

Some of the possibilities of referral advertising opportunities include:

You can add a list of links to your sidebars under a title describing them, such as "Make Money Online;"  and of course if they offer a banner you can include it in a sidebar either alone or in a scrolling button box or a table of button banners. You can also add them to the bottom of random posts you put up as advertisements--they often offer a variety of sizes so it gives you many options.
Search & Win  
So when think of monetizing your blog, think not only of those opportunities that will net you a pay check but include those that will increase your earnings outside of your blog thru program referral bonuses.


JRFrugalMom said...

It sounds very interesting. I do sendearnings, inboxdollars, swagbucks and instant cash sweepstakes....I love them all. I am interesting in learning more about Mamapedia and Quickrewards.

Cheryl said...

My daughter does Quickrewards and like it--she can get $5 in Paypal pretty quickly.

I am new to Mamapedia--you earn points and credits to use on their deals.

Link Up Lounge said...

Hey Cheryl,

Do you know if there is a way to create a post without it showing up on your main page (sort of like a static page)! I want to be able to have link to a certain label, but I don't want the related post to be on the main page! Does that make any sense? I tried to google it, but am not having any luck!

Thanks so much!

Cheryl said...

Yes, Link Up, I think I understand and I will actually be posting about that this week probably :-). I know you are using Blogger so when you write your post click on "Post Options" on the bottom left of the editor text box, click on "Scheduled at" under the Post Date and Time option on the right hand side, and put in any date in the past--it will appear in that sequence in your posting. You can put it back to the first day you started your blog if you'd like. It will not show up on emails or RSS feed. Very convenient when you run out of pages on blogger :-).

If this is not clear let me know--or if it is not what you are asking.

Link Up Lounge said...

Once again Cheryl... you are awesome! That is just what I needed to know! I knew that I could post date it, but I was worried it would show up on e-mail and rss feeds! Thank you so so so much! I really appreciate it! =)

Cheryl said...

You are welcome, and I am just sharing this from experience. When I did it it did not show up.

Link Up Lounge said...

What about the date? Is there a way to hide the past date?

Cheryl said...

Wow, I am not sure. I do not think so. I think they would have to be removed for the whole blog. I do not see an option in the post editor. Only the pages do that, I believe.

Along the lines of your first question, I got thinking I also have gone into older posts and erased what was there and reposted my new info in it. This messes up the URL, but is another option.

Link Up Lounge said...

Thanks again Cheryl! I figured there wasn't a way around the old date! Again, I really appreciate your time and help! =)