Simply Blogging University was started to share what I have learned over the past nine months of blogging at Simply CVS: Simple Steps to Saving Big at CVS/Pharmacy and what I continue to learn.  I have received numerous inquiries as to how I started and set up my site along with other questions about blogging.  So as with Simply CVS, I have decided to share in a simple manner the knowledge I have on the subject--small as it might be.

The idea of Simply Blogging University has been on my mind for some time and I recently received yet another email from a reader who wanted detailed information on starting her own blog.  Talking this over with my daughter she suggested I start Simply Blogging University in a very simple way:  write about every step I am taking to set up the blog.  I prefer to have a "full grown" blog when I go live with a blog, but at her suggestion, I will go public with Simply Blogging University in its infancy and build it along with each lesson.

The lessons will be in approximately 30 minute increments.  I want readers to be able to go thru the process as simply as possible and choose how quickly they want to set it up.  On my end, I plan on working about one hour a day--30 in participating in just what the lesson includes and the other 30 writing about it.  I am sure I will go over my hour, but I want to make this a simple process for myself also.  At first there will be very few photos in the posts, but as I get more and more up I will have more time to go back and add them.

So Simply Blogging University will be simple in its format as well as in its content and presentation so that everyone can find it usable.  If you have any questions please leave them in the comment field and I will try to answer within 48 hours--usually much shorter.  At times it is easy as a teacher to forget what knowledge I have that my "students" do not.  Especially in the use of terminology.

I will be using Blogger to host this blog, and thus I will be sharing detailed instructions for starting a blog on that host as it is my understanding it is the easiest to navigate and use, and it is also hosted free.  From my experience I feel anyone with a little computer knowledge can easily start a blog at Blogger and so Simply Blogging University will open blogging to readers on all levels of computer knowledge.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment area of any post and I will see them and answer as quickly as possible.

About Us

Simply Blogging University is owned and operated by Steve & Cheryl.  We have been married for 30+ years.  Tho we both are responsible for this blog, the posts will be mostly written by Cheryl and her experiences in blogging at Simply CVS and will be written in the first person singular to make them more readable.  Thanks for joining us on our blogging journey.