Friday, March 11, 2011

Pop Quiz: Is there an easy way to re-post an older post as a new post?

Answer:  In Blogger there are two ways to repost an older post.

  1. You open the old post in the edit post mode, click on the Edit HTML tab, copy the full HTML code and paste into a new post (under Edit HTML), and publish it.  This may be seen as spam by search engines and not show up aseasily in searches.  If you change the first and last few sentences a little it will help this not to happen.
  2. You can open the old post in the edit post mode, click on "Post Options" on the bottom left of the editor text box, click on "Scheduled at" under the Post Date and Time option on the right hand side, and put in the current date.  This post will show up as a new post.  If there are any comments with the post from the earlier posting, they will be kept with the post.
Editing to add: I have discovered this apparently does not show up in an RSS feed apparently.  I will watch and see if it shows up in an email, if not I will come back and edit this again.

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Amanda said...

Thank you! This was a huge help. I know absolutely nothing about HTML so I would have never even thought to do this. But I reposted a previous post tonight and it was super easy!

Cheryl said...

Amanda, I know next to nothing about HTML but I am learning as I blog. Glad it helped you out!