Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Resources: HTML Table Generator ~ Quickly Design a Table

At times you may want to use tables on your blog either in a post or on the home page.  I came across a site that has a form to fill out to "generate" a table code.  You simply copy the HTML code and paste it where you want the table and then fill in the blanks with text or HTML code.  You can choose background and border colors as well as the number of columns and rows and the width of the complete table.

Here is an example of a table as it will come
from the code generator (when designed with just 6 cells).

Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell Table Cell

Here is an example of the same table with blog button codes added and the link back removed.

Clip With Purpose
Nurturing Cuisine
Simply CVS

Here is an example of the same table with text and links added.

 Print      Coupons:

The possibilities are endless.  When you need a quick table and do not know how, or do not want to fool with, writing the HTML code yourself stop by the table generator and design your own.

You can find the link for the table generator and many other helpful Blogging Resources in the resource tab below the Simply Blogging University header--no need to keep them bookmarked, we've already done that for you.


JRFrugalMom said...

Thanks for sharing this tip Cheryl. I'm trying to figure it all out.


Cheryl said...

Ask away if I can help. I had to play around a bit to get the hang of adding buttons in it.

Anonymous said...

hi, ilove your site it's very helpful.I have a question about the table generator.I have 2 images on my sidebar that i want to make clickable.and put them side by side.I;m just having a really hard time trying to figure out where to put thehtml code i have for my images in the table generator.Could you help? thank you.

Cheryl said...

You will need to make the images clickable first and then enter the html code for the clickable image into the box. You can find info in the section titled "Creating a Grab My Button Box" in this post: . It will work with any image you have a URL for. If you don't have a URL, what I do is add the image to a draft post and then copy that URL to use in the button code generator. I enter that plus the link I want it to take my readers to just as if I am making a clickable button. I then choose to preview the code and I copy the code that shows up--this is what I put in the table and the clickable image shows up. I hope this is clear. Let me know if you have any problems and I'll try to answer any questions that arise.