Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blogging 301 ~ Lesson #4: Monetizing a Blog with Companies thru Affiliate Programs

Many companies offer their own affiliate programs and do not go thru an affiliate network like we discussed in lesson #3.  The ones I have come across seem to be smaller companies and once again, offer bloggers a commission on some action performed by their readers, many are pay per clicks on their ad or pay per
sale of some product or service.

It is best to find advertisers that offer your readers a service or product that is within the theme of your blog.  If you blog about photography, ads for cooking supplies may not interest your readers or be beneficial to them.  There were two basic ways I looked for companies with affiliate programs for Simply CVS:

  • Visiting other blogs in my niche and looking at ads on their site.
  • Visiting sites of companies that I believed would be beneficial to my readers and looking around to see if they had an affiliate program.  
    • Many sites have affiliate program links at the bottom of their home pages.  
    • If you find a service you really want to share with your readers but do not see an affiliate program contact them and ask if they have one.

I have not begun to look for affiliate programs for Simply Blogging University, and am not familiar with general ones, but to give you an idea here are some of the couponing affiliate programs I am using are:

  • The Coupon Clutch  
    • A coupon organizer.  
    • Pay per sale.  
    • Payout at $25.00.
  • We Use Coupons  
    • A couponing community board.  
    • Pays per click with payout at $35.  
    • They have a great referral bonus:  $10 for sending another blogger (I'd love for you to tell them Simply CVS sent you if you sign up).  
    • They offer a $3 sign up bonus for new affiliates.
  • My Coupon Hunter  
    • A coupon clipping service.  
    • Pays a small percentage of sales with payout at $25.
  • Collectable Coupons  
    • A coupon clipping service.  
    • Pays a small percentage of sales.

Because affiliate programs often pay just pennies per click or sale it can take months before you will receive a check.  I think there are some that I may not ever receive a check from, but if they are services that will enhance my readers' experience I share them anyways; even those without an affiliate program.

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