Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blogging 401: Promotion & Search Engine Optimization Orientation

Now that you are a blog author you need readers, and "the more the merrier" is true for blogging.  It is a strange day in the blog world when a blog becomes wildly popular without the author working hard at promoting their blog as well as at writing it.   The world will not know your blog is there if you do not tell them.  That
is what we will cover in Blogging 401:  Promotion and Search Engine Optimization:  Telling the world your blog is ready for readers.  Actually, it may have been better to make these lessons 301 and monetizing 401, but so many blog owners are anxious to monetize, I reversed them.

We will provide lessons on various ways to promote your blog within the blogging community itself and outside that community as well as have lessons about ways to increase your search engine hits thru Search Engine Optimization.  New blogs are not easily found thru search engines, but there are ways to help your blog move closer to the top of the page of search results.  Hopefully after working your way thru these lessons you will begin to see an increase in your blog visitors.

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