Monday, March 7, 2011

Pop Quiz: Why should I name my images before uploading them to my blog post?

Answer:  It is important to give titles to your photos for Search Engine Optimization.  Many times people will search images for photos and info on certain subjects.  If you name your images before uploading them to your blog post they will show up in search engine results and just may bring
more readers to your blog (be sure to give relevant, descriptive titles to them).  I have had this happen at Simply CVS and my daughter has had it happen often for her Game Day Party Sub Sandwiches Recipe at her blog, Nurturing Cuisine.

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KY Klips said...

Thanks for your comments at my blog and extra thanks for pointing me here. I can see there are several posts that I need to read.
I just started my blog on March 1, so any tips, pointers, suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
You are welcome to email me directly at kykilps at gmail dot com.