Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Adsense Disappeared on Blogger ~ December 21, 2011 ~ How I Fixed It

My daughter noticed on her blog, Sarah's Scribblings, that her Adsense had disappeared on 12/21/2011 and when she clicked on her Monetize tab it asked her to sign up for Adsense.  So she went to my Simply CVS blog and sure enough mine were gone, as were my blogging buddy's Frugality Is Free blog.  We thought there was a glitch and it would be fixed by morning, but it wasn't.

So I went searching and found nothing. I did find a reference in  an older post about a code change and wondered if that could be it, but why would it happen now?  When I looked at my "design" page the Adsense widgets still showed up.  I clicked on one and it showed my
correct account number but I did notice it showed it was a banner ad and I had chosen it to be a links ad.  I checked another links ad and it, too,  now showed chosen as a banner ad.  Hmmmm.  You can only have three banner and three link ads--if these were recording as being banner ads then I had too many on.

I clicked to edit each ad widget on the design page and removed it.  Then I began adding them back in one by one.  It worked!  Somehow the codes in the widgets got mixed up and caused them to be taken off because there were too many of the same type of ad. This was true of the other blogs, too.

So if your Adsense ads disappeared and you are sure they haven't canceled your account, try my quick fix and see if it works.


DMOutdoors said...

Hi, Thanks for your tip. Worked perfectly. Just click edit, then save on each Adsense widget, then save the page. Hopefully that stays, there's not much info on this issue.

Cheryl said...

Great! Glad to hear it. Yes, on this blog I just clicked edit on each one, but I thought to be sure I'd only share the easiest method.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I was going crazy!

Cheryl said...

You are very welcome. I thought maybe there were other bloggers out there who were wondering what was up and couldn't find anything on the problem like myself. Glad to help.