Monday, March 21, 2011

Resources: HTML Marquee Codes ~ Design a Moving Marquee

I am amazed at what can be done with a little HTML code.  If you have ever seen moving text marquees and wondered how they were made I came across a source for HTML Marque Codes.  I am going to try it out here, give a little instruction and give the link for the resource with various codes.

There are several options available
including:  slide in text, scrolling text and images.

Check out all of the resources at Simply Blogging University

Check out all of the resources at Simply Blogging University

The example above is a scrolling left text, you can also choose to have it slide in and stop or scroll up.  You can easily change the speed by adding scrollamount="10"  after the direction tag ("left"scrollamount="10").  The top one above is a "4" the second is a "10."

I can see where the possibilities for uses of these moving marquees are endless.  You can easily enter the code into an HTML gadget for your blog.  For full instructions check out the HTML Marquee Codes.

You can find this and many other helpful Blogging Resources in the resource tab below the Simply Blogging University header--no need to keep them bookmarked, we've already done that for you.


Deals and Dishes said...

Hey Cheryl,

I want to use 5 or so SEPARATE scrolling blog rolls in one html gadget. I know this can be done, but I also want to add a title on top of each scroll that does not scroll with the buttons! Sounds complicated I know.... but I want to be able to have the title (such as My Favorite Blogs stay still and then the buttons from my favorite blogs to scroll and so on for different titles and buttons! Does that make sense? I tried a few different things and I keep ending up with my title scrolling as well! HELP! Thanks!!!

Cheryl said...

LOL at your HELP!! Okay, I don't have time to test this but this is what I would do if I were trying this.

Open a post editor.
Type all your titles--one per row.
Click on 'HTML' at the top (instead of compose).
You should see just the titles.
Now try posting your HTML for each blog roll below each title.
click on "compose" to see what it looks like.
If it looks fine, go back to HTML and copy the whole code and try to paste it into a gadget.

This is how I play around with stuff until I can get what I want--or usually I end up getting what I want.

Let me know what happens!! If it doesn't work I'll think again and see if I can come up with something.

Deals and Dishes said...

Thanks so much Cheryl! I decided to go with a manual scroll so that readers will see the title first and can then scroll down! I added 4separate scroll boxes in my footer with a list of linkies. You should check it out! I added your CVS linkie. Let me know if you have any other linkies and I will add them to the list! Thanks again for your response. It was a big help!