Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pop Quiz: How can you easily use a picture from an older post in a new post?

Answer:  There is a simple way to use a picture from an older post without re-uploading it to your account.  Simply hover over the picture with your curser, right click and choose "copy image URL."  Then choose to add a picture to your post as usual and choose the "from URL" option and enter it and
the picture will show up. This helps to keep your photo hosting account from having duplicates.

You can also do this on most images across the web, but they are copyrighted by whomever took them so you cannot do it without the publisher's permission.  But it comes in handy when you see a post on another blog and you would like to share the information with your readers.  You can ask the blog owner's permission and easily add their pictures to your blog post.


JRFrugalMom said...

Oh yes, I love this feature!


Cheryl said...

JR, it took me a while to think of doing this. I was filling my picasa account with the same pic over and over.