Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pop Quiz: How can I add something to automatically show up at the bottom of every post?

Answer:  In Blogger to have something automatically show up at the bottom of each post, open the post editor for a new post and place whatever it is you want to show up in that post--pictures, words, links, whatever (this is not a necessary step if you are familiar with HTML or if you just want
words, you could skip composing it in the post editor).  
  • Click on Edit HTML and copy all the content
  • Click on the Settings tab at the top of that page and click on Formatting.  
  • Go down near the bottom of the page and find "Post Template" and paste your HTML code into the box and click save settings.  
  • Open up a new post and you should see the information there (you can alter or delete it whenever you want).  
  • You can see an example of this in Nurturing Cuisine's Chocolate Brownie Recipe post--notice the "See Where Nurturing Cuisine Links Up" banner at the bottom of the page, this was added to show up in each post.
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Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said...

This isn't working for me. Do you think it has anything to do with my "signature" HTML code that is already in that box? Because I copied the HTML code of the button that I wanted to be at the end of every post, and I pasted it into the Post Template box (below the other code for my signature, yet I skipped a few spaces so that the two codes are not joined and can easily be set apart) So what do you think the problem is? The HTML code that I am tying to put there is a button link to another website. Could that be the problem?

Cheryl said...

Katrina, I am not sure. If you want, copy the HTML for your signature and the button and send them to me via email and I will try and see what happens--may be tomorrow before I can. Also, explain exactly what you see when you do it. simply blogs @ live . com (no spaces).

Katrina @ They All Call Me Mom said... want to hear how blog/HTML/internet/website challenged I am?

Once I put in the code...then I went back to my PAST posts, expecting to see it there -- it was only right now, when I went to make a new post, that I saw it below right next to my signature!!! Pf will show up after every post NOW, but won't go to all my past posts. Duh!

Your tutorial worked just fine...I was just looking for it in the wrong place!

Thanks again - I frequent this blog of yours often, and have your button in my sidebar (not my rolling sidebar...but right there all the time so that it can be seen all the time)

Really, I've learned so much from your tutorials. Thank you:)

Cheryl said...

LOL, you made my day! So glad you find this helpful as I had to drudge thru it all myself and so I want to share it but think a lot of it may be too simple to share as I am quite challenged myself -- wrong generation for all of this! Glad it is working for you.