Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogging 301 ~ Monetizing Your Blog: Orientation

I have waited to introduce monetizing your blog until you had time to finish the classes in the Blogging 101:  The Basics and Blogging 201: Entering the Blogging World so your blog would have a good foundation to build on.  Content is King in blogging, and that is what is important to

give to your readers; that is what will set you apart from the thousands of other bloggers.  Once you have established a direction for your blog in the content area you will be able to offer opportunities for your readers that fit your content (and thus their interest) and that will allow you to make an income from your blogging.

Some other reasons for waiting to monetize your blog include, but are not limited to:

  • Learning the art of blogging and becoming comfortable with your blogging platform takes time and is an important part of establishing your blog.
  • It is easy to get sidetracked from your purpose for blogging, and your content, and turn your attention to promoting affiliate offers in order to make an income.
  • Many readers are turned off by a new blog that is covered in ads and will not come back.  If you have captivating content and have gotten a foothold, even a small one, in the blogging community readers will be more receptive to your wanting to earn something from your efforts.
  • New bloggers get obsessed with watching the pennies they are making each day grow into dollars and their energy is not being directed into content.  And it will be pennies in the beginning--I like to say "the first six months of blogging is all work and no pay."
  • Until a blog has some traffic built up monetizing is a waste of time--you can not make an income with no readers, no matter how great a product you have to advertise.

So in Blogging 301 we will explore some of the different opportunities bloggers have for an income from their blogs and I will share some of the affiliate and ad programs I am familiar with.  I will also give you directions on searching out advertisers for your blog's niche.

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