Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blogging 201 ~ Entering the Blogging World ~ Orientation

Congratulations on passing Blogging 101 and becoming a full fledged blog author.  It is now time to enter the world of blogs and bloggers and let them know you have joined the ranks and invite them to visit at your blog.

There are so many platforms in which to join up with other bloggers.  A few you will become familiar with in the next several lessons are blog rolls, blog hops,
giveaways, linkies, comments, swapping buttons, guest posting, and link backs.  When you spend the time to compose your thoughts and share information on your blog, you want others to enjoy it and benefit from it.  So we will walk thru some of the more common ways I have learned to do just that in Blogging 201.  Prepare to have fun getting to know like minded bloggers.

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